Navigation boon for stalled WiMax?


Car navigation systems have long become must-haves for motorists, and the growing need for wireless connections to power those devices may be one of few chances for WiMax, which is struggling for adoption, to return to the limelight.

WiMax, an emerging mobile technology which blankets entire cities with high-speed wireless Web access, has been offered in limited service areas in countries including the United States and South Korea.

Analysts see WiMax’s chances of success in developed markets limited because many of the world’s biggest wireless operators have already committed to build their next-generation networks using a rival standard, Long Term Evolution (LTE).

But WiMax, with backing from Intel, Sprint Nextel and Samsung, has a clear edge for select target groups such as cars moving in urban areas. As the technology provides a cheaper, more data-centric wireless connection that also works faster to upload data, it could be a key solution.

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