Waze announces driver-generated live map platform


Waze, Inc., the first free provider of driver-generated maps and real-time road information, has unveiled a new platform for creating and maintaining live maps in the United States.

The waze application runs on users’ smartphones, it automatically and anonymously sends back GPS points as they drive. This data is used to build and constantly update the road grid, driving directions, road changes, traffic flow, and more. waze also uses aggregated driving speed data to determine traffic jams and other changes in road conditions.

Drivers can report road problems and some map inaccuracies with one click on their mobile device; more extensive map editing is done via the waze website.

The waze map platform is soon to open APIs to allow developers to build other features and applications that leverage the waze-generated collection of live map data.

Read article here.

Vist Waze’s website here.

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