Sync users can upgrade to include eCall and remote diagnostics

Sync 911

Some information on the Sync 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report services:

SYNC’s new 911 Assist will place a call directly to a local 911 operator in the event of an accident involving the activation of an air bag or an emergency fuel pump shut-off.

911 Assist, along with Vehicle Health Report, expands the capability of SYNC; both features are bundled together and now available as a software upgrade at dealerships for existing SYNC owners

Both 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report are offered without subscription fees.

Ford launched both new features in December 2008, including them in all factory-installed SYNC-equipped vehicles. Most SYNC owners who don’t have 911 Assist or Vehicle Health Reports can get the features now by making an appointment with their preferred dealer for an upgrade. The upgrade is a software installation performed by dealers, and eligible customers are responsible for dealer installation charges, which may vary.

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