OnStar launches Injury Severity Prediction for eCall

OnStar centre

OnStar has developed an Injury Severity Prediction based on the findings of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expert panel which will allow OnStar advisors to alert first responders when a vehicle crash is likely to have caused serious injury to the occupants.

Using a collection of built-in vehicle sensors, OnStar Automatic Crash Response system sends crash data to an advisor if the vehicle is involved in a moderate or severe front, rear or side-impact crash. The data includes crash severity, along with the direction of impact, air bag deployment, multiple impacts and vehicle type.

This information will then be used to automatically calculate the Injury Severity Prediction which comes back as a Normal or High score. When an advisor tells first responders there is an Injury Severity Prediction of High it will signify that there is a higher risk of severe injury and help the responders determine what level of care required and the transport destination for patients. This estimate should be available to OnStar advisors early next year.

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