India to become automotive electronics outsource hub?

The automotive crisis is calling for a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, says India-based software and semiconductor technology company KPIT Cummins.

The use of electronics in cars will increase in future. For safety, better fuel efficiency and infotainment, an increased electronics content of the cars will be inevitable even in low-price markets. While the first part of this statement is consistent with what experts in Europe say, it is surprising that even in cars such as the Tata Nano, an example for an extremely frugal kind of vehicle aiming at first-time car buyers, electronics content will increase.

With electronics, electronic design services, software and production activities shifting to low-cost countries, India will emerge as a major player in the automotive industry.

KPIT Cummins: “India has the conditions and the experience to offer automotive-grade quality. After all, we develop software and design chips for cars already for many years.”

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