Nokia 5800 “Comes With Music” off to rocky start in the UK

Nokia reported that its 5800 touch screen phone had been a hit the first quarter, especially when it was combined with their unlimited music offering “Comes With Music.”

But in the UK, the paired offering, which went on sale last weekend, got off to a poor start. According to, although Nokia was hoping to reinvigorate Comes With Music in the UK by placing it on its hit touch screen device, Orange and Phone 4U, its exclusive providers, “failed to register a single sale” at the majority of their stores.

Comes With Music originally launched on the Nokia 5310, and has reportedly generated lackluster sales. Mobile phone retailer Phones 4u has sold eight of the 5800 Comes With Music devices across its 450 stores by end of the Saturday it went on sale, while carrier Orange sold only two phones on Monday across its 20 stores in west London.

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