HSPA no threat to WiMAX, says Intel

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Despite the rollout of HSPA networks gathering pace around the world, with the top-end of the HSPA range (without MIMO) offering peak downlink rates of 14.4Mbps, it does not unduly concern Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group.

Intel:  “HSPA comes from the cellular model, while WiMAX is about the consumer electronics and internet model. If you look at the protocol stack for WiMAX, you see Layer 1 and Layer 2 followed by IP on all the nodes. In 3GPP, you have elements of the legacy circuit-switched protocol stack, which were inserted as a compromise between telephony-driven and IP-friendly companies. HSPA is more for smartphone-like applications and will not be able to meet the demands of bandwidth-rich devices, such as PCs, MIDs and netbooks. These devices will put a lot of strain on HSPA networks.”

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