Canada: Mobile payment technology from Zoompass

The Zoompass application, which is expected to compete with PayPal mobile, is free to download and install; however, sending cash from a bank account will cost fifty cents per transaction or 3.5 cents per transaction from a credit card.

To send money, users must have a valid Zoompass account with the required amount of funds already deposited and the Zoompass application installed on their mobile phone. Users must first sign up for a free account at the Zoompass website and then download the Java application from

Provided enough funds are in the account, money is sent by entering the person’s name, mobile number, and the amount to send in the Zoompass application and then press the Send button. After pressing Send, the sender is given the option of sending money from their bank account or credit card. Finally, a confirmation screen appears and asks that you to verify the name, amount, and mobile number of the recipient.

Once sent the money appears immediately in the recipients ZoomPass account. The money must then be transferred by the recipient from their ZoomPass account to their bank accounts.

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