Guidepoint to add telematics to Visteon radio-navigation system

Guidepoint said the new Visteon unit will be integrated with a Guidepoint module, which will deliver Internet connectivity and GPS tracking capabilities to the vehicle. The integrated solution will allow users to surf the Web and access location-based services using the touch-screen application built into the Visteon unit.

Additionally, Guidepoint will serve as the exclusive provider of location-based content and services for the new radio-navigation unit, which is expected to be available in July 2009. Guidepoint will provide the following services through its 24/7/365 response centers and technology infrastructure:

  • Emergency Services — customers will be able to access 24/7/365 emergency help to their pinpoint location with the touch of an icon on the radio-navigation unit’s touch-screen.
  • Concierge Services — customers can access a variety of concierge services via a one-touch, Bluetooth-enabled connection to the Guidepoint 24/7/365 response center.
  • Traffic — customers can get traffic reports within a 10-, 15- or 20-mile radius based on the current vehicle location.
  • Weather — customers can get a current and future weather forecast based on the vehicle’s current location.
  • Yellow Pages — customers can get comprehensive Yellow Page(R) listings, displayed on the head unit screen.

Read press release here.

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