Iteris wins Abu Dhabi ITS contract

Iteris has won a major contract to create a masterplan for the future shape of ITS in the Arabian Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi. The nine-month contract, due to start immediately, partners Iteris with locally-based transportation and traffic consultancy TrafQuest in setting out the guidelines to take the emirate’s existing ITS infrastructure to the next level.

Abu Dhabi, capital of the emirate bearing the same name, is also the federal capital of the seven-emirate United Arab Emirates. In recent years, traffic in neighbouring Dubai has become severely congested. The current recession has had a major impact on both jobs and traffic levels, but Abu Dhabi is not only continuing to prosper but is increasingly attracting Dubai commuters who have found new employment in Abu Dhabi, exacerbating the latter’s traffic levels.
Abu Dhabi has an existing ITS system with a traffic management centre and a comprehensive camera network.

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