LG TVs use Broadcom technology to stream content from Netflix

Broadcom Corporation has announced that its integrated BCM3549 digital TV (DTV) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution has been selected by LG Electronics for its new ‘Broadband HDTVs.

The two new series of HDTVs with the LG’s “Netcast Entertainment Access” feature enable viewers to access online content and services and are the first high definition televisions in the world to feature Netflix instant streaming and Yahoo!® Widgets.

Powered by the Broadcom BCM3549 video decoder SoC embedded directly in the TV, the LG broadband HDTV line allows Netflix subscribers to instantly stream and watch movies or TV episodes from its library directly on the TV, without external devices. Users can also use the Yahoo! Widget system as a convenient way to access a vast selection of content including weather, finance, news and other useful information.

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