Europe takes top spot for broadband and IPTV uptake

Broadband and IPTV penetration has continued to advance in most areas, and notably in Eastern European countries as well as South and eastern Asia, despite the economic downturn, according to the Broadband Forum, based on figures collated by London based consultancy Point Topic.

Global broadband grew by 16.6 million lines in the first quarter of 2009, and now stand at 429.2 million , while IPTV subscribers approach 24 million, with expansion mainly in Europe and also North America.

Europe headed the continued IPTV success story with almost 10 percent growth over the last quarter and a 56.2 percent year-on-year improvement. Western Europe boasted 11.3 million subscribers in Q12009, with Eastern Europe showing a 21 percent increase over Q42008 to 1.1 million, due partly to aggressive roll-outs with new services across the region, including in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Russia.

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