EU: Toyota offers Gentex mirror-based backup camera display

Gentex Corporation has announced that it is shipping its Rear Camera Display (RCD) Mirror and base feature auto-dimming mirrors for the new Toyota Corolla Verso multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). The Verso is sold throughout Europe.

The Gentex auto-dimming interior mirror with RCD is in popular packages on many of the trim levels sold throughout the continent. The RCD Mirror contains a liquid crystal display (LCD) that works with a video camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle to provide a view directly behind the vehicle while backing up.

When the vehicle is shifted into “reverse,” a display appears automatically through the auto-dimming mirror’s reflective surface. The display disappears when the vehicle is shifted into any other gear, a capability that is made possible utilizing Gentex’s “transflective” coating and lighting techniques, which result in a bright, high-resolution color image.

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