BMW and ATX to offer free telematics services to Sixt car rental customers

ATX Group has announced today that its services are now available to rental car customers in Germany through a program offered by BMW and Sixt rental car agency. Sixt customers who rent a BMW throughout Germany will have exclusive and free access to BMW Assist and BMW Online connected vehicle services, provided through the BMW ConnectedDrive program supported by ATX.

By activating BMW Information service — after selecting “BMW services” in the BMW navigation system — the driver is connected via carphone with ATX databases and response specialists who can provide a wide range of navigation and concierge assistance services, such as selecting and making hotel reservations, finding nearby parking or fuel stations, booking restaurant reservations, locating a pharmacy, shopping options to find the perfect gift for an acquaintance or business client the traveler may be visiting upon reaching his/her destination, or verifying an address.

These services also are available if the customer drives into 14 other countries in Western Europe.

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BMW will be switching its telematics service provider from ATX to WirelessCar from June 2010.

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