Continental ADAS camera on the Mercedes E-Class

The Adaptive Highbeam Assist system uses a camera developed by Continental to detect an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane or another vehicle in front and automatically adjusts the headlamp range to the appropriate distance – in contrast to traditional systems which only switch between dipped and main beam.

This allows the range of the dipped beam to be increased from around 65 to approaching 300 meters without dazzling other drivers. Consequently, the driver always benefits from the optimum illumination range, providing earlier and better recognition of the road ahead, pedestrians and danger spots.

As an additional function, the same camera can recognize speed limits. It alerts the driver to the current speed limit by interpreting both road signs and electronically variable signs and compares the data from the display with information from the navigation system (optional “Speed Limit Assist“).

The camera also looks for road edge markings and issues a warning if the vehicle threatens to leave the correct lane unintentionally (optional “lane tracking package”). Continental’s latest radar sensor monitors the road up to 200m ahead of the vehicle.

Together with the ADAS ECU computer unit, specially developed for amalgamating the driver assistance sensors, the interconnected network of sensors, combined with Brake Assist PLUS, assists the driver during emergency braking and can significantly reduce the severity of an accident (optional “driving assistance package”).

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