Tele Atlas launches MultiNet 2009.06 digital map database

Tele Atlas has unveiled MultiNetĀ® 2009.06, the only digital map database that is constantly validated by millions of people worldwide every minute of every day. Marking continued milestones in digital mapmaking, Tele Atlas developed the latest release of MultiNet with 18,000 kilometers of new road geometry added from GPS measurements to build out the road network of Romania. The release highlights the first time that community input has been used to deliver such extensive new road network content.

The new Tele Atlas database also realizes 500,000 edits sourced from community input from more than 30 countries across five features, including one-way traffic flow identified via Map Share technology, one-way traffic flow detected by GPS measurements, the change of a crossing to a roundabout, road gradient measurements and new road geometry.

Read press release here.

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