CSR launches ROM-based Bluetooth integration

CSR has announced the launch of its RoadTunes ROM solution for portable navigation devices (PNDs) and aftermarket in-car devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled vehicle infotainment and car radio platforms. Following on from the highly successful flash-based RoadTunes solution, this new cost effective version is well positioned to enable Bluetooth in entry level PNDs and aftermarket in-car devices where previously the cost has been prohibitive.

The RoadTunes ROM chipset is a complete embedded Bluetooth solution in a QFN package which requires minimal external components. The ROM chip has a comprehensive feature set including a stereo CODEC, echo and noise suppression and Bluetooth in a single package and at a highly competitive price. The Bluetooth profile feature set includes, but is not limited to, hands-free, audio streaming and phonebook connectivity.

Read press release here.

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