Early reviews on Gokivo’s iPhone navi app look disappointing

Mobilecrunch.com and Cnet.com have tested Gokivo’s navi app for the iPhone and the results look disappointing.

Excerpt from Mobilecrunch.com:

“Many of Gokivo’s flaws were related to the iPhone’s own limitations: the GPS isn’t pinpoint accurate, the iPhone doesn’t have a compass, and the speaker on the iPhone is so soft that I could barely hear Gokivo’s vocal directions. It became abundantly clear why TomTom is creating a full-blown accessory for its GPS app and will only release its app once that periphery is available. In fact, I re-watched the TomTom portion of the Apple’s WWDC keynote to find out what TomTom was putting in its TomTom car kit. Oh, and will you look at that: “securely dock your iPhone,” “enhance your GPS signal,” “built-in loud speaker” and a “microphone for hands-free calling.” They solved every problem with the Gokivo turn-by-turn experience. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.”

Excerpt from Cnet.com:

“Gokivo seems to do it all–search for destinations, pair with Bluetooth, play iTunes songs and fade out and in when dictating directions, and deliver turn-by-turn navigation. It just didn’t do it uniformly well. We didn’t mind the strange bedfellows-mashup of Google’s map, Yahoo’s search, and Network in Motion’s turn-by-turn database. We did mind that the app sometimes had trouble finding our request before timing out–even while outside of the car in clear skies.”

Read review from Mobilecrunch.com here.

Read review from Cnet.com here.

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