Eniro’s POI data available on Navteq maps

Eniro has signed an agreement with NAVTEQ  to make Eniro’s local content available in navigation devices using the NAVTEQ map. Initially Eniro will provide information on 300,000 advertisers and their related content to be integrated into NAVTEQ’s database for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland.

Advertiser data from Eniro will thereby be available in cars, smart-phones and other handheld navigation devices.

NAVTEQ’s digital map information is to be found onboard portable and wireless devices, Internet-based mapping applications and on in-vehicle navigation systems, sold throughout Europe and North America.  Eniro will provide NAVTEQ with its unique local information of more than 300,000 small and mid-size companies in the Nordic region and Poland. The co-operation will be launched in Sweden followed by all markets where Eniro operates.

The information from Eniro will be available in the NAVTEQ’s 3rd quarter database release, making it available to all GPS devices using NAVTEQ data.

Read press release here.

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