Epitiro launches ISP-I WiMAX

ISP-I(TM) WiMAX covers the key stages from device manufacture, to subscriber pre-test deployment and ultimately to in-life operation – providing key performance indicator (KPI) information at every stage. ISP-I(TM) WiMAX reports real-time IP-based service delivery metrics (not simulated) based on the quality of actual services as experienced by subscribers.

Epitiro’s ISP-I(TM) WiMAX is a unique ‘software as a service’ solution enabling service providers to get subscriber experience information quickly without the installation delays, training costs and large capital investment typically required with test equipment purchases. Moreover, ISP-I(TM) WiMAX empowers service providers with performance views of competitor networks enabling direct comparisons and a means of benchmarking performance in context of the overall market.

Read press release here.

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