GyPSii awarded EU-wide patent for ‘friend finding’ LBS application

GeoSentric Oyj, developers of the award-winning GyPSii mobile social networking application, have announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted an EU-wide patent for the transmission of location-based information between devices and the subsequent publishing of that information for viewing on a map. This feature represents what the industry has coined “friend finding,” and as such, is the cornerstone of the combination of mobile social networking and location based services.

This significant Friend Finding patented technology enables GyPSii users to locate and share information with friends to view on a map, and further protects intellectual property enabling key features such as pushing user generated place content or requesting a friend’s location so they can meet-up, on mobile devices.

The company uses the patented technology in the friend finding capability to allow users to share their location over a mobile device. Users can request or share their location and a favorite place location with one or many friends, from mobile device to mobile device, and view the location on a map on the device(s).

Read press release here.

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