NXP and IBM launch road user charging trial in Netherlands

IBM and NXP have announced commencement of a pilot to help address the challenge of traffic congestion in the Netherlands. The first practical test of road user charging in the Netherlands aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a new road user charging technique. The new system assigns a fee based on road type, time of day, and the environmental characteristics of the routes driven. This information is displayed to motorists in a clear and easy to understand way.

Fifty employees at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven are testing the system for six months. Each participant will have an On Board Unit in their vehicle that will register all trips and assign a price for each one. Using a secure website, participants can see what route they have taken, what it cost and whether or not their choice of route has reduced their driving expenses.

The On Board Unit, developed by NXP in collaboration with CPS Europe, contains the NXP ATOP chip. This chip contains a GPS receiver that determines the vehicle’s location through wireless communication, with optimal privacy. Using the mobile GPRS network, it continually feeds the car’s location to an IBM back-office system running in an IBM cloud computing platform.

Read press release here.

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