BMW to test speed limit recognition in Australia

BMW’s innovative speed limit display, which can read speed limit signposts and variable speed limit signs and show the limit in the instrument cluster, is one step closer to Australian introduction.

Engineers from the Bavarian manufacturer will visit Australia in the next two months to carry out local testing of the speed limit function. They will cover approximately 5,000 kilometres over a mix of urban, suburban and rural roads.

A camera fitted near the interior mirror permanently monitors the signs by the road as well as variable speed limit signs and compares this with the data saved in the navigation system.

Even when the speed limit has changed on account of temporary conditions – for example in the case of road works – priority is given to the data recorded by the camera.

This will be especially useful in areas of Australia where a proliferation of speed zones on a single road, or within a neighbourhood, make it difficult for drivers to know what the prevailing speed limit is. The Speed Limit Display is able to read painted metal signs as well as dynamic digital displays.

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See video of BMW’s speed limit recognition system here.

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