SMSC launches new I/O co-chip for MOST networks

SMSC has launched the OS85650 I/O companion chip for MOST® Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs).

The primary function of the OS85650 is to route data streams simultaneously between industry standard application I/O interfaces, including MediaLB® (3-Pin and 6-Pin), HBI, TSI, SPI and I²S. It is the first MediaLB 6-Pin device that supports all features of the MOST150 multimedia network. Together with the 16 bit parallel Host Bus Interface (HBI), it enables a high-speed connection between the INIC150 and multiple External Host Controllers (EHCs) with over 300Mbit/s. It is also possible to use the OS85650 as a bridge between MediaLB 6-Pin and MediaLB 3-Pin devices.

The high-performance routing engine operates at an internal speed up to 1.5 GBit/s. It is able to route on top of the standard MOST network communication, Ethernet IP packets, multiple MPEG-TS and several high quality 7.1 audio streams.

The Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) co-processor autonomously encrypts and decrypts up to 8 multiple synchronous and isochronous data channels routed through the device. It includes full AKE functionality and supports both M6 and AES-128 cipher engines according to DTCP for MOST and DTCP-IP. This content protection is required for high quality audio and video content, like DVD, Blu-ray Disc™ and HD-Broadcasting Services.

See press release here.

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