EU roaming cost for voice and data to reduce

As of July 1, a text message sent from abroad in the EU will cost no more than €0.11 instead of €0.28 today, and the wholesale price of data will be capped at €1 per MB, compared to an average wholesale price of €1.68 per MB. The wholesale cap will fall to €0.80 in 2010 and to €0.50 in 2011.

Consumers will also benefit from further cuts in the price of mobile phone calls while roaming in another EU country. A roamed call made in another EU country must not cost more than €0.43 per minute, and no more than €0.19 to receive. Outgoing roaming calls will also be charged by the second, after the first 30 seconds, rather than by the minute, and incoming calls will be charged by the second from the first second.

As a result of these adjustments, European consumers are expected to save up to 60 per cent on their bill for using a mobile phone abroad in the EU.

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