Sprint survey reveals many people are not aware of LBS

Sprint Exec: “It’s clear that the wireless phone is a must-have device for travelers for calling, but what we’ve also realized is customers aren’t using the device for all it can do in terms of their data experience; there is a wealth of untapped information right at their fingertips”

Key findings from the Sprint travel/value survey include:

What vacationers pack
Aside from laptops (50 percent), MP3 players (38 percent) and portable DVD players (17 percent), wireless phones (79 percent) are the most popular item for travelers.

Use of travel-related applications among vacationing adults
Eighty-nine percent of young adults (ages 18-34) would ideally like to have access to travel-related applications on their wireless phones, including social media Web sites (34 percent), online/wireless games (19 percent) and restaurant guides (51 percent) while away.

Thirty-five percent of males (ages 18-34) and 24 percent of females (ages 18-34) already use at least some travel applications on their wireless phones.

More than half of vacationers (56 percent) do not use available travel-related features on their wireless phones because of cost concerns. Sixty-one percent of these women and 65 percent of these young adults (ages 18-34) believe that the fee to run travel-related applications on their wireless phones is a deterrent to using them.

Accessibility of vacationers
More than one-third (37 percent) of men misrepresent their accessibility to e-mail and their wireless phone while on vacation. Young adults lead the charge in staying connected: Three-quarters (77 percent) of young adults (ages 18-34) are more likely to check their e-mail while away than their older counterparts (61 percent of those ages 55+).

How vacationers stay in touch
Sixty-seven percent of adults prefer to use their mobile phones to keep in touch with their family members who are not with them. In terms of checking e-mail, one in three adults (31 percent) describe their e-mail checking personality as “compulsive or frequent” while on vacation.

Social media use of vacationing adults
Thirty-eight percent of young adults (ages 18-34) who capture images/videos of their vacation prefer to share the images/videos by uploading them to social network sites.

See survey results (PDF) here.

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