Akamai announces variable bit rate video streaming over HTTP

Akamai Technologies has announced variable bit rate streaming support for live and high quality video content on the iPhone and iPod touch. Variable bit rate streaming was a key feature delivered in the recent iPhone 3.0 update and this new capability expands Akamai’s ability to provide consumers with the highest quality video streaming experience on their iPhone or iPod touch. Akamai HTTP Streaming for the iPhone is available as part of Akamai’s Media Delivery solution.

Variable bit rate streaming over HTTP benefits the consumer by enabling a high fidelity viewing experience at any bit rate, faster video start up times and reduced video buffering. Studies have shown that content owners and publishers see the strategic business opportunity to maximize consumer access to their content by delivering video to iPhone and iPod touch. Content owners can now use Akamai’s Media Delivery solution to deliver live and on-demand content while leveraging a highly-available and fault tolerant infrastructure of tens of thousands of HTTP servers.

For detailed information, see Akamai’s whitepaper here.

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