Ondas backs Solaris Mobile

Ondas Media is the company looking to deliver Sirius-type satellite pay-radio to European drivers. It has already signed up Renault, BMW and Nissan to install its radios. It had hoped to tap into Solaris Mobile to deliver initial services to some European countries.

Ondas is hopeful that Solaris can promptly resolve the problem:  “Ondas is deeply interested in the Solaris impact assessment and especially their long range plans. Ondas significantly influences a number of leading replacement options for satellite capacity in the 2GHz band and we are pleased to work with Solaris to offer these opportunities as part of a total solution. It is necessary that the network architecture have all the attributes required for Ondas automotive quality and availability of service.

We would like to assure our investors and customers that we do not promote a commercial service that is vulnerable to a single satellite failure. We have made it clear to the industry from the beginning that no commercial service can operate with the threat that a satellite, launch or subsystem will fail and subscribers are left without service for any length of time. Investors will not meaningfully finance a business that can disappear with one anomaly, nor will customers install the service in their cars. Therefore the Ondas architecture is fully redundant so that even if we lose a satellite we still operate with extremely high service availability and quality.”

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