Australia: Nokia partners with Sentinel for traffic-info

Nokia has joined forces with Australian company Sentinel Content to integrate Sentinel’s Live Road Sense® Traffic as a free service from and a subscription based service on Nokia’s GPS devices running the latest version of Ovi Maps for mobile devices. The service will initially cover Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and will be expanded to include other Australian cities later in the year.

Sentinel Content is Australia’s leading provider of real-time traffic and dynamic location based traveller information services for mobile phones. The Road Sense® Traffic service uses the most comprehensive and reliable data sources available; including government road transport authorities, local councils and independent reported information. The aggregated information is then validated and checked by Sentinel’s team of traffic operations staff based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Information sources are aggregated using the company’s proprietary, all-Australian developed technology, InteleCast® – a location based content aggregation, processing and service dissemination platform. Content is geographically coded against both real world coordinates (WGS84 latitude, longitude) and specific industry standards such as Traffic Message Channel (TMC) location codes as well as the emerging TPEG standard. This ensures Sentinel can deliver relevant, location specific content to all applications and devices via a wide range of broadcast channels such as GPRS-TMC, XML-TMC, Sentinel proprietary and other formats tailored to specific customer needs.

Sentinel’s Road Sense® Traffic service is a truly national service with data available across all major cities in Australia. In addition to Australia, Sentinel plans to extend coverage to New Zealand and SEAsia, enabling it to offer consumers and business travellers a consistent regional service that creates a truly seamless product offering throughout the region.

Nokia GPS enabled devices running the latest version of Ovi Maps for mobiles include the N86 and 6720, which will launch in Q3 09.

Nokia GPS enabled devices that can be upgraded to the latest version of Ovi Maps for mobiles include the Nokia 6120 Navigator, Nokia E71, Nokia E66, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N78, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 6220, Nokia N97 and Nokia N85. The latest Maps application is available for download at

Consumers can subscribe directly from their compatible handset for AUD$6.99 per month or AUD$35.99 for a yearly subscription.

See press release here.

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