Delphi to auction patents on mobile navigation

Ocean Tomo – a division of ICAP, the world’s premier interdealer broker – today announced it will offer for sale a significant portfolio of intellectual property assests held by Delphi Technologies, a leading global supplier of mobile electronics, on July 23rd in Chicago at The ICAP Ocean Tomo Summer IP Markets 2009 Auction & Conference.

The Delphi assets up for auction on July 23rd pertain to GPS-based navigation systems for providing position information to mobile users. Conventional navigation systems suffer from multiple problems including difficulty adapting to changes in travel routes and roadway restrictions, cost, and portability. The destination information, once loaded, is also difficult to modify enroute. Moreover, these systems suffer from security issues as they have no authorization control for destination information.

The portfolio included in the auction provides for a low cost and easily modifiable GPS-based navigation system integrated with an audio entertainment system, in one mobile device, in which the destination information is stored in a programmable memory and is easily user-modifiable. Furthermore, claims in this lot cover the implementation and use of in-car navigation systems offered on most new cars sold today.

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