Mapmaker AND completes digital map of Denmark

Denmark is the seventh Western European country for which the independent mapmaker has developed a navigation map. The map contains 140,000 kilometers of roads and almost 7,000 cities and villages of the Scandinavian country.

AND is accelerating its investments to fully map Western Europe. The company is able to do that because of an important agreement made earlier this year with a large American online company, for the use of AND’s maps of Western Europe.

AND Automotive Navigation Data is the third largest supplier in its market, but the only independent one. Strengthened by its success to date, the company will continue to focus on creating long-term value for shareholders by providing digital maps for location-based services. The company focuses on accelerating further development of its advanced database to position itself even stronger in the market. The required investments can be financed entirely from the company’s own capital.

See press release here.

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