Mediamobile demonstrates TPEG in Paris

Car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, manufacturers of mobile GPS devices and journalists were able to attend a demonstration of these new services TPEG traffic information representing traffic in real time over the Paris region.

This premium version of the RDS-TMC service has many advantages, such as increasing the number of events and their accuracy, knowledge of traffic flows in real time and forecast travel times, the temporary restrictions speed (due to a pollution episode, for example), information on parking spaces, and the weather having an impact on traffic.

This new protocol coding information related to transport is an integral part of the thinking and activities of TISA (Traveler Information Service Association).

Indeed, the TISA, which collects a large number of market participants around the issues related to transportation, guide the market for traffic information and sets international standards.

These demonstrations have attracted strong interest from participants, which could easily decide to use these technological developments into their products. Receivers capable of receiving and interpreting information TPEG should appear in the next two years.

Read press release here (translated to English using Google).

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