RoadPilot to provide speed camera location data to Nokia

RoadPilot has announced it has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with Nokia to supply safety camera location data for the firm’s latest generation of GPS-enabled mobile devices.

The new contract will see RoadPilot data included in a ‘combined safety camera and traffic alert’ application for the latest version of Ovi Maps, which will be available to Nokia customers in major European markets immediately. Roll-out across other regions will follow later in the year.Roll-out across other regions will follow later in the year.

In Europe this content bundle costs €0.89 for one day, €2.99 for one month and €17.99 per year on the top of the existing subscription to Nokia Maps.

Established in 2000, RoadPilot is claimed to have produced the world’s first GPS safety camera location device, and today its database stretches from Tromsø in Norway to Taranto in Italy, and from Lisbon, Portugal, to Lublin, in Poland.

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