China: Siano defends CMMB

Alon Ironi, CEO and president of mobile TV chip maker, Siano, has spoken out against recent industry murmurs that the China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) market is slowing down, saying that from his view the market is bigger this year than last and is set for another spurt of accelerated growth in the second half of 2009.

Ironi commented that the CMMB market was booming from August up to October 2008 due to hype generated by the Olympic Games in Beijing. This rapid growth was followed by a “dry” period, from November up to around February 2009, where the market was frozen. During this time the China Broadcasting Company (CBC) implemented some changes and upgrades to the CMMB infrastructure, and extended coverage to a total of 186 cities throughout China.

From March, the CMMB market began to take off again, largely due too better clarity related to Conditional Access, and to the extended coverage, and growth continues from month to month, Ironi pointed out. “We are shipping tens of thousands of units per month, and each month’s shipments are higher than the last.” Ironi said.

Furthermore, Ironi noted that industry players expect another boom period in the second half of 2009, driven by the roll out of CMMB as part of the TD-SCDMA campaign, which will add more exposure and increase demand for portable multimedia devices, especially TD-SCDMA terminals.

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