Will Google continue to dominate the mobile search market?

According to StatCounter data, Google controlled 96.23 percent of the market in the first half of the year. As mobile marketing firm AccuraCast, which cites the data in a post points out, there are several reasons why the web tracker is almost certainly overstating Google’s success in the mobile market.

Among them: StatCounter primarily tracks internet websites instead of mobile versions of those sites and StatCounter depends on cookies and JavaScript for its count, which don’t always work on mobile phones.

A comScore report from September showed that Google had 63 percent of the mobile search market in the United States, while Yahoo had 34.6 percent. Microsoft’s share was negligible. Google had an even larger lead in several Western European countries.

What’s clear however is that the shares of the major players have not shifted at all over the last seven months, at least according to the StatCounter numbers.

That’s likely to change soon, though, since Microsoft announced a deal with Verizon earlier this year to become the default search provider on Verizon phones. That deal has just started to kick in over the last several weeks.

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