US: AirSage partners with Verizon for real-time traffic info

Verizon Wireless and AirSage have entered into an agreement where non-identifying data from Verizon Wireless’ network will be used to help AirSage provide real-time traffic information.

Signaling data from use on Verizon Wireless’ network will be made anonymous and integrated into AirSage’s patented Wireless Signal Extraction (WiSE(TM)) Technology platform, helping AirSage solidify its position as a leader in the real-time traffic market with capabilities to enable live traffic monitoring on major interstates, highways and arterials.

The agreement will significantly enhance AirSage’s traffic coverage and accuracy by quadrupling the number of signaling messages; when the data is fully integrated, more than 12 billion signaling messages across more than 200,000 centerline miles of roadway will power applications for government agencies, businesses and consumers.

AirSage’s patented, real-time traffic data service uses the anonymous location information derived from wireless carrier data. While current applications center on real-time traffic conditions and travel times, AirSage is also building out location-enhanced services for the retail, financial and emergency management industries. All of the new services will incorporate AirSage’s core technology which allows customers to realize distinct and immediate value from the anonymous and aggregate location and movement of people.

See press release here.

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