Google Voice app introduced for Android and Blackberry

Google Voice, previously called Grand Central, is rolling out the first mobile apps for its service. The main function of the apps is to make it easier for users to use their Google Voice phone number by automatically routing outbound calls through Google and to the recipient.

Google Voice users get a phone number that should be the only number to give out to people. Users can route calls to mobile, home and other phones based on who’s calling and when.

The new app for smartphones makes outbound calls to Google Voice, and those calls are then routed to the recipient, who sees the Google Voice number as the caller.

Two apps are being released, for Blackberry and Android phones. The Android app is the most complete and takes over the native dialer, address book and call log. Users won’t be bothered with accidentally dialing numbers through the device phone number.

The Blackberry app is less integrated, accessing only the native address book, and uses its own dialer. Users can’t simply go into the call log and return missed calls. They need to go back to the address book and select Google Voice to make the call. Still, it solves a big problem.

Watch video on how Google Voice works here.

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