Japan considering to increase spectrum for Mobile TV

The Japanese Government has launched a consultation on whether to use some of the spectrum freed up by the switch to digital broadcasting for broadcasting to portable devices – Mobile TV.

A certain amount of frequencies throughout the VHF band and UHF band (90-108MHz, 170-222MHz and 710-770MHz) will be freed up when Japan switches to digital, slated for July 24 2011. This spectrum will be available for use for other purposes.

Japan’s mobile digital TV service, OneSeg, launched in early 2006 using Japan’s ISDB-T technology. The platform simulcasts the free-to-air programming available on the fixed DTT platform. Two years after launch there were already some 20 million handsets capable of receiving OneSeg on the market. Tuners have also been built into laptops, car navigation systems and MP3 players.

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