Off-board version of the Navigon app launched for Android

From August, the MobileNavigator software will be available online via the Android Market for additional high-end smartphones.

The MobileNavigator software for Android is offered as an off-board navigation solution. This means that the software is located on the device, whereas the route planning operates externally. The user calls up his relevant route as each case arises – always based on the most up-to-date map data.

The free Try & Buy version has a fully functional pedestrian navigation system to guide you safely and reliably through every pedestrian area, alleyway or park. With the in-car navigation system, users can choose between a portrait or landscape display.

There is a 30-day trial of the in-car navigation feature package with no obligation to purchase – costs are payable only for any maps or route details transferred. The user has access to tried-and-tested NAVIGON functions, including the display of POIs along the route and the Speed Assistant, which points out the speed limit on the current stretch of road both visually and acoustically if the driver is travelling too quickly.

A full version for the in-car navigation system may be purchased after 30 days. Additional upgrade options are also available at a later stage, such as TMC or Radar Info. The software is offered under attractive terms in both regional and European variations.

See press release here.

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