TRW’s 24 GHz radar draws increasing OEM interest

TRW has announced significant customer interest worldwide for its 24 GHz AC100 radar system and is currently working with a number of OEMs on development programs.

The system offers a number of safety features including distance and collision warning, urban safety, follow to stop adaptive cruise control (“ACC”) and activation of reversible restraint systems and braking (such as prefill of brakes, adaptive brake assist).

TRW: ” The AC100 system offers much of the functionality of our production 77 GHz system but at a significantly lower cost. Initially, radar based technology was only available on high end vehicles and at a significant cost to the end consumer. Developing a range of radar solutions enables us to bring the benefits of advanced safety to a wider vehicle market.

With the proposal to mandate automatic emergency braking systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles beginning in 2013, TRW’s AC100 system is an ideal fitment choice in combination with a forward looking camera to meet future truck manufacturer requirements.

The AC100 product captures data up to a range of approximately 150m and is suitable for most normal driving conditions, including highway driving, at up to 140 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, radar technology operates in all weather conditions, unlike laser based systems that rely on a clear optical path.”

TRW currently supplies its second generation production 77GHz radar system to a number of passenger car and truck manufacturers.

See press release here.

See photo of the radar unit here.

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