Intermap & Visteon: Map-linked adaptive front-lighting

Intermap Technologies, a leading global 3D mapping company, today announced completion of the initial stage of a joint development agreement with Visteon Corp., an internationally recognized automotive technology developer and supplier.

The focus of the agreement is to develop a predictive adaptive front-lighting system (Predictive AFS) for passenger vehicles. The advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which automatically turns a vehicle’s headlights into an upcoming bend in the road, has been successfully road tested in Germany.

As part of the agreement, Intermap provided Visteon with the Company’s NEXTMap® 3D road geometry data for a specified test area in Germany. The Predictive AFS uses a small map extract of the road ahead of the current vehicle position known as ADAS Horizon (AH).

Intermap developed a module that prepares the AH data and streams the data to the vehicle bus. For presentation and test purposes, Intermap developed a NEXTMap 3D Horizon, that virtually extends the driver’s knowledge of the road ahead by visualizing the AH data sent to the vehicle’s CAN bus in the ADASIS protocol format.

See press release here.

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