App store update


‘Symbian Horizon’ is a one-stop-shop for developers to reach a series of phone application stores–those offered by phone carriers and manufacturers–and get revenue in return. Horizon, scheduled to launch in October, will also offer assistance with technical development issues and language translation.

Symbian now says it is in discussions with seven stores for the Horizon program. It already has strategic relationships with Nokia’s recently launched Ovi Store, Samsung Applications Store, and AT&T MEdia Mall.

Learn more about  Symbian Horizon here.


Palm has launched MojoSDK,  which will provide free access to writing apps for the Pre or future webOS smartphones and significantly expands the reach of the platform, which was previously limited to a closed beta with at most a few thousand developers.

Learn more about MojoSDK here.


Microsoft has filed for a trademark that may allude to a unified app store for both Zunes and Windows Mobile phones. The filing for the name “OneApp” would cover not just an app download store for cellphones and media players but would also address a developer kit for the same platform.

Among the apps suggested possible through the service would include games, media playback, messaging and mobile payments. The trademark is unlikely to apply just to Windows Mobile given the existence of Windows Marketplace for Mobile as a separate store. Instead, the name and description suggest the possibility of OneApp referring to developers writing a single program that can work on more than one platform.

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