ATX introduces voice-to-text application for the car

ATX Group has leveraged its experience in off-board speech recognition technology to introduce in-vehicle, hands-free text messaging via voice.

ATX, one of the leading providers of connected vehicle (telematics) services to global automobile manufacturers, is currently demonstrating its innovative, speech-enabled texting service that keeps driver interaction with the system brief and easy to use, thereby minimizing the risk of distracting the driver away from focusing on the safe operation of the vehicle.

ATX: “Although playback of text messages using text-to-speech applications is available in certain vehicle models, outbound texting to date has been limited only to pre-scripted messages. This service is unique in the market because it allows drivers to create and send completely customized text messages exclusively by voice, while on the go.”

ATX text-by-voice applications will soon be available on select vehicle models and augment the introduction of similar natural speech applications that enable hands-free, in-vehicle Web browsing, as well as search-and-send information downloaded to the vehicle (for voice-based replay or integration with the vehicle’s navigation screen.)

See press release here.

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