What Europeans expect from connected navigation services

Consumers value the science of smart route guidance over the artistic flair of 3D maps and satellite imagery, according to a recent end-user survey conducted by SBD. The research polled responses from 600 portable and smartphone navigation users across France, Germany and the UK.

Navigation users in all three regions demonstrated a consistent level of interest in connected services that make their journeys more efficient, including automatic map updates, traffic information and speed camera warnings. By contrast, interest was significantly lower for nice-to-have information such as weather and public transport.

Some of the highlights and regional differences revealed by SBD’s European Navigation End-User Survey include:

*      75% of UK respondents rate speed camera warnings as important or very important, with this feature ranking as the most frequently used across all countries.

*      Automatic map updates rank in the top 3 for feature importance in every country, suggesting that consumers are not satisfied with the current manual solutions.

*      Consumers in Germany would consider buying an embedded system if it was priced at €470, whereas the equivalent figure in UK is more than €100 lower.

*      After experiencing navigation, PND users in the UK are 50% more likely to buy an OE embedded navigation system in the future.

See press release here.

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