EU to spend over €32.6bn on mobile data services in 2009

The international market research institute EITO (European Information Technology Observatory) based in Berlin, said it anticipates consumers and companies across the EU to spend some €32.6bn this year, rising to €36bn in 2010 on mobile data services.

The UK is expected to achieve the largest market volume for mobile data in 2009 with some €5.6bn spent on data services. Germany is in second place with €5.2bn, followed by Italy with just under this number and France with €4bn. As the fifth largest market, Spain will spend €3.2bn on data services.

Smartphones have helped mobile internet use make its breakthrough, with extensive internet, email and multimedia functions as standard features, even in mid-range models.

Indeed, kit vendor Nokia Siemens Networks said Thursday that it expects mobile data traffic growth to double every year. At current rates, NSN expects that by 2011 mobile data will overtake voice traffic, growing exponentially until 2013.

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