ESRI to sell NAVTEQ map data of Chile

NAVTEQ has announced that it has established a reseller agreement with ESRI Chile, a leading provider of geographic information system (GIS) tools and technology in South America for over 17 years.

The reseller agreement marks the addition of ESRI Chile to a growing number of NAVTEQ map data resellers in South America. As an authorized NAVTEQ distributor, ESRI Chile will have the ability to sell NAVTEQ map data of Chile. Additionally, ESRI Chile will specialize in bundling ESRI software and tools with NAVTEQ map data to provide comprehensive GIS solutions.

NAVTEQ maps are unique in their representation of real-world driving conditions. In Chile, NAVTEQ geographic analysts located in Santiago use local knowledge and local contacts to collect and verify details of the roads. Up to 260 attributes – attributes that enable a fully functional navigation experience – are included in NAVTEQ maps.

NAVTEQ geographic analysts drive thousands of kilometers each year and have local knowledge of road network changes helping to make NAVTEQ maps the freshest and most up-to-date. In addition to maps for Chile, NAVTEQ provides maps in South America for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

See press release here.

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