Mercedes E Class uses SMSC’s MOST network

SMSC, a leading semiconductor company that provides Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity(TM) solutions, today announced that its Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) networking technology, has been selected as part of the infotainment system of the new Mercedes E-Class.

MOST is the standard network for the infotainment systems across the full range of Mercedes volume platforms. Its proliferation, which started with the previous E-Class, is now entering the second round.

MOST multimedia networking technology enables the networking of feature-rich infotainment systems in automobiles by providing the means to distribute multimedia entertainment functions among the various control devices around the car.

For example, a CD changer, radio, global positioning system, mobile telephone and DVD player can be established in an efficient ring network and can send crisp, static-free audio signals digitally to the amplifier by utilizing the MOST network.

See press release here.

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