Siano debuts ultra-integrated CMMB receiver chip

Siano Mobile Silicon, a leading global mobile TV chip maker, announced today the launch of the newest product in its leading CMMB TV receiver chip family – the SMS1186.

The SMS1186 changes the rules of the game completely, by opening up new design and market opportunities to the mobile phone makers, as well as manufacturers of cellular-connected devices such as netbooks and portable navigation devices.

In terms of performance, the SMS1186 exhibits an unprecedented sensitivity of -100dBm, as well as extremely high noise immunity. In addition, it includes the secure “root-of-trust” hardware (known as UAM) that adheres to China Mobile’s latest data security requirements. With the combination of performing the CMMB stream real-time descrambling on-chip, the SMS1186 is the most secure and cost effective solution for the CMMB MBBMS network, as the cryptographic operations and keys are not exposed.

According to multiple public sources, China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, which is operating a native Chinese 3G network named TD-SCDMA, combines this 3G offering with a pay-TV service based on the CMMB network. Earlier this year, Lu Dongfeng, vice-president of Datang Telecom Technology, a provider of TD-SCDMA products, said at an industry forum in Chongqing that China plans to have 100 million TD-SCDMA subscribers by the end of 2011.

CMMB is already deployed in 186 major cities in China, with plans to extend the coverage to 300 cities by the end of 2009.

See press release here.

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