US: In-car CruiseCast Satellite TV adds music service

Music Choice, the award-winning, multi-platform video and music network, has signed a carriage agreement with RaySat Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) to offer twenty (20) of its music channels featuring robust playlists with no interruptions for AT&T CruiseCast(SM) service, the innovative in-car satellite entertainment technology.

This deal extends the reach of select Music Choice music channels beyond the millions of homes nationwide with access to the free music service.  The Music Choice music channels are currently enjoyed by 32 million people in their homes every month, and now, through this agreement with AT&T CruiseCast service, Music Choice is able to offer music fans the opportunity to listen to music channels in their vehicles.

Boasting 22 satellite TV networks and 20 Music Choice music channels, AT&T CruiseCast service delivers real-time programming to automobiles via the rear-seat entertainment technology. The service surpasses typical DVD displays by providing a broad selection of live satellite TV that includes a variety of family, documentary, music, comedy, news, sports and children’s programming.

The AT&T CruiseCast service utilizes breakthrough technology that helps to overcome line-of-sight obstacles such as overpasses, buildings, trees or tunnels to deliver television programming to cars, non-commercial trucks and SUVs.

The AT&T CruiseCast service is consumer-friendly and does not include cumbersome equipment. The service is transmitted through a small pod-like antenna that affixes to the vehicle roof. The antenna is paired with a receiver, which is installed in the vehicle, providing all video and audio connections to the vehicle, including the rear-seat entertainment system, audio system, etc.

See press release here.

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