PTV xServers are based on SOAP/XML

The latest PTV xServer versions are now available. The software components provide many new features for routing and logistical optimisation methods. They include updated maps with toll tables and environmental zones which are taken into account during the routing process. PTV xServers are based on SOAP/XML. They enable developers to easily embed geographical and logistical functions in service-orientated system architectures.

The software modules perform specific tasks, enabling developers to embed the functions they actually need. Version 1.8 provided by PTV includes new basic geo-services, such as geocoding, map display and route calculation. These highly scalable services are available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

New route planning features:

The PTV xRoute Server now considers driving and rest times during the routing process. The road editor function is of particular interest to customers who use the route planning software map&guide: in map&guide professional, users can edit and close road segments for all vehicles or a specific vehicle type by modifying the vehicle clearance height, for example. The PTV xRoute Server then selects only suitable routes by taking account of the user-defined vehicle parameters and information. Another highlight is the ability to determine emission values in advance when calculating the route.

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